About Us

Why March to Justice?

Quite simply, because justice is vital to the viability of the Armenian nation.

Because justice represents the overarching aim and common theme of the ANCA's specific policy priorities.

Our pursuit of justice integrates a diverse set of political, security, and economic issues and a broad array of constituencies into a coordinated advocacy campaign to sustain and strengthen core elements of Armenian viability, ranging from the just resolution of the Armenian Genocide and the international recognition of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic to the development of U.S.-Armenia ties, the strengthening of Armenia's military security, and the sustainable growth of Armenia's economy.

Justice represents a forward-looking approach to Armenia's future.  A just resolution of the Armenian Genocide, the freedom of an independent Artsakh, and the security of a strong Armenia are each required to restore an Armenian nation nearly annihilated by genocide and ensure Armenia's long-term viability.

It is precisely because there has been no justice for Turkey's genocidal crimes that Armenia - a landlocked, blockaded, partitioned and impoverished nation - remains at-risk, Ankara remains unrepentant, Baku remains belligerent, the region remains unstable, and the worldwide cycle of genocide remains unchallenged.

Using March to Justice - the ANCA's online advocacy tool - you can quickly and easily support a broad range of specific policy priorities that each, in their own way, contribute to the overarching aim of the long-term survival and success of the Armenian nation.

In 1915, Armenians marched to survive.

Today, Armenians march to justice. 

Take action.  Track your advocacy.  Share your progress.