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Support pro-Armenian advocacy by using the ANCA's March to Justice online advocacy tool. With one click, you can share your views with key decision-makers on one or more of the issues below. Then use social media or email to urge friends and family to take action as well. You can even keep track of your steps in our global March to Justice.

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Ask Your U.S. Representative To Press President Trump To Properly Commemorate The Armenian Genocide

Add your voice to the Congressional Armenian Caucus in making a bipartisan call upon President Trump to reject Turkey's gag-rule against an honest American remembrance of the Armenian Genocide.

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Ask Your Senate And House Leaders To Empower Armenia's Aid-to-Trade Transition By Supporting Targeted Foreign Aid Priorities

Take two minutes to tell your Senators and Representative about the importance of expanded U.S. assistance to Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia, as Congress continues its consideration of the Fiscal Year 2019 foreign aid bill.

Demand That California Governor Jerry Brown Signs AB 1597 (Nazarian) – The Divestment From Turkish Bonds Act Into Law

Demand that California Governor Jerry Brown signs AB 1597 (Nazarian) – the Divestment from Turkish Bonds Act into law

DEMAND ANSWERS: Will President Trump’s Nominee As Ambassador To Azerbaijan Stand Up To Aliyev’s Aggression?

Please contact your U.S. Senators TODAY to ensure that Mr. Litzenberger is given the opportunity to respond, under oath, to direct questions regarding Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev's escalating anti-Armenian aggression and domestic political repression.

Ask The U.S. House Leadership To Allow A Vote On H.Res.220

Ask Speaker Ryan and Majority Leaders McCarthy to schedule an immediate up-or-down vote on H.Res.220, a bipartisan genocide-prevention measure that draws upon the lessons of the Armenian Genocide.

#PreventGenocide: Demand An End To U.S. Complicity In Turkey's Denial Of The Armenian Genocide

Support Passage of H.Res.220 and S.Res.136

Support U.S. Debt-Forgiveness In Exchange For Armenian Forestation

Take two minutes to ask your U.S. legislators to cosponsor and work toward the timely adoption of the Haiti and Armenia Reforestation Act of 2018

Promote Direct U.S.-Artsakh Travel And Communication

Take 60 seconds to send a free ANCA Webmail to your U.S. Representative asking them to co-sponsor Rep. Pallone's "Artsakh Travel and Communication" measure.

Ask Your U.S. Senators To Block F-35 Sale To Turkey's Anti-American Erdogan Regime

Take two minutes to ask your U.S. Senators to oppose the F-35 sale by using the ANCA's Quick Connect Call System.

Demand Implementation Of The Royce-Engel Proposals For #NKPeace

Call for Withdrawal of Snipers, Addition of Observers, Deployment of Gunfire Locators

Tell Congress: Reject The Reckless Madrid Principles; Support A Real Artsakh Peace

Take a minute right now to call for a sustainable Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh) settlement based on the universal ideals of democratic self-determination and fundamental human rights.

Take Action For Syrian Armenians In The Middle East

Demand that the US Government address the immediate needs of the Syrian Armenian community, by 1) ensuring international aid reaches Armenians and other at-risk communities in Syria and 2) providing direct U.S. support and increased international aid for Syrian Armenians resettling in Armenia.

Support Artsakh Freedom

Take two minutes to call on Congress to stand with the free citizens of Artsakh (Nagorno Karabakh)

Strengthen The US-Armenia Economic Relationship

Call on Congress to work with the Administration to boost US-Armenia trade and investment

Fly Direct To Armenia: Tell Airlines To Establish Non-Stop U.S.- Armenia Flights

Take a moment to encourage U.S. Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao to work with airlines and the relevant agencies of our government to facilitate a business-driven exploration of passenger and cargo flights between the U.S. and Armenia, starting with a non-stop Los Angeles (LAX) to Yerevan (EVN) route.

ReturnChurches: Demand U.S. Leadership To Press Turkey's Return Of Stolen Religious Properties

Send letters to your Senators and Representative urging U.S. leadership in pressing the Turkish government to return improperly confiscated or otherwise stolen Christian properties in Turkey

Help Strengthen The Congressional Armenian Caucus!

Take 60 seconds right now to reach out to your U.S. Representative in support of a stronger Congressional Armenian Caucus.

Supporting Javakhk

Send a letter to your Senators and Representative to expand economic development in Samtskhe-Javakheti, Georgia

Investigate Potential Third-Party Transfer To U.S. Weapons Technology To Azerbaijan

Ask your U.S. legislators to look into potential violations of U.S. arms export laws in connection to a reported sale, by Israel, of the Iron Dome weapons system to Azerbaijan. News of this sale has been reported by Defense Weekly, Jerusalem Post, Haaret

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