Demand Implementation of the Royce-Engel Proposals for #NKPeace

Take a moment right now to ask your U.S. Representative to demand that the Administration implement the Royce-Engel proposals for peace in Nagorno Karabakh:

1) An agreement from all sides not to deploy snipers along the line of contact.

2) The placement of OSCE-monitored, advanced gunfire-locator systems and sound-ranging equipment to determine the source of attacks along the line of contact.

3) The deployment of additional OSCE observers along the line of contact to better monitor cease-fire violations.

To send a letter to your Representative, simply type in your name, address, email and phone and click "Submit."  Then, take a moment to review and (if you like) revise the ANCA's sample letter to your Representative and Click "Submit

ANCA Position Statement

Call for Withdrawal of Snipers, Addition of Observers, Deployment of Gunfire Locators